Everything is Totally Possible Tour '04 - '05

12/01/04 - Parsons School of Design, NY
12/04/04 - La Superette, The Tank Annex, NY
02/25/05 - Planaria Gallery, NY

Upcoming shows:
07/12/05 - Deitch Projects, Brooklyn, NY
TBA - Chic-a-go-go, Chicago

ZZ Top were the headliners on our world tour. Here's Erica strikin' a pose with one of the ZZ dudes.

Here we are rocking our hearts out at the Wingnut club in Holland. Those dudes sure know how to party!

Here we are kickin' it with the locals after the show. Did I mention that those guys know how to party!?!?!

This was our very first show at Parsons School of Design! We were totally awesome!!